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Kerb Dropping Contractors Kent

2Are you looking to get the kerbing dropped at the front of your home to create a new driveway entrance in Kent? Why not call JD Drivestyle LTD for a free no obligation estimate?

Our drop kerb services include dropping the entire front area or extending a pre-existing dropped kerb section.

In general, kerb dropping involves not only the dropping of the public pavement kerb but also a realignment of the surface, which will require sloping to accommodate the new level changes and a finished SMA surface on top of it.

The standard crossing width (lowered kerb length) is 2.7 metres, but an exception can be made on application to increase the size.

The specifications for the surfacing of a dropped kerb are:

  • Sub-base to be 150mm thick
  • Binder course to be 45mm thick open graded macadam, 20mm nominal size
  • Surface course to be 20mm thick medium graded macadam, 6mm nominal size

If you want to drive your vehicle over the pavement onto your driveway, the easiest way (and legal way) to do it is by dropping the kerb outside your property.

However, if the council owns the road and pavement, you'll have to contact them to gain permission before starting any groundwork. But don't worry; we can help you with this as part of our service and help with any of the paperwork required by your local council.

We hold up-to-date Public Liability Insurance and street work accreditations required to work on a public pavement area.

We provide tarmac and asphalt driveway paving, resin driveways, and more for your driveway options.

Contact us on 01892 322 038 to schedule a free visit from our dropped kerb contractors in Kent.



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