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Gravel Driveway and Block Paving Patio in Cranbrook

Town / Area: Cranbrook, UK
Type of work:
Block Paving Work, Gravel Stone Work
Gravel Driveway and Block Paving Patio in Cranbrook

Preparation Summary:

Dug out and removed the area, Graded off the surface, Redesigned the layout of the area, Supplied and installed MOT Type 1 foundation, Supplied and installed membrane sheeting, New step(s), Installed new kerbing set in concrete

Paving Installation

Supplied and installed a sand / grit base for laying paving, Installed paving on top of the sand, Laid the paving in a °90 degree herringbone pattern, The paving used was block paving, All open edges of paving set in concrete, Machine vibrated and compacted the paving

Main Colour: Brindle

Border Colour: Charcoal

Gravel Installation

Laid-in membrane weed block, Installed a new gravel stone surface over the area, The gravel stone was 24mm aggregate

Gravel Colour: Autumn

This was a large driveway and patio project that JD Drivestyle LTD recently finished in Cranbrook.

First, we removed the existing driveway and patio and set a clear border by installing flat-top kerbs in concrete. Then we laid down a new type 1 MOT base with a membrane sheeting underneath to prevent unwanted weed growth. We applied a thick layer of gravel chippings all over the driveway and raked them smoothly into an even layer. For the patio, we installed double Charcoal, single Brindle and single Charcoal border and raised a couple of doorsteps using the same blocks. Finally, we paved the whole patio using the fore mentioned Brindle paving blocks in a 90° pattern.

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