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Natural Grey and Charcoal Block Paved Driveway in Maidstone, Kent

Town / Area: Maidstone, UK
Type of work:
Block Paving Work
Block Paving Driveway in Maidstone, Kent

Preparation Summary:

Dug out and removed the area, Graded off the surface, Redesigned the layout of the area, Supplied and installed MOT Type 1 foundation, Supplied and installed membrane sheeting, Installed new kerbing set in concrete

Paving Installation

Supplied and installed a sand / grit base for laying paving, Installed paving on top of the sand, Laid the paving in °45 degree herringbone pattern, The paving used was block paving, All open edges of paving set in concrete, Machine vibrated and compacted the paving

Main Colour: Natural

Border Colour: Charcoal

JD Drivestyle LTD has recently finished this block paving driveway in Maidstone, Kent.

We started by ripping out the original unkept concrete pathway and grass area. We also took down the front fence to make the driveway more accessible. Then we laid a new foundation of heavy-duty membrane sheeting and a type 1 MOT stone base and compressed it down. We laid the 'natural grey' paving blocks in a 45° pattern and edged them with 'charcoal' blocks and flat top kerbs.

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