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Resin Driveway with Sleeper Wall in Merstham

Town / Area: Merstham, Redhill, UK
Type of work:
Resin Bound Work
Resin Driveway with Sleeper Wall in Merstham

Preparation Summary:

Graded off the surface, Cut out damaged areas, Repaired any damaged areas, Supplied and installed wooden sleepers

Resin Bound Installation

Installed porous concrete base, Installed block paving border, Installed a resin-bound surface, Steel float finished the resin to lock in place

Resin Colour: Gold

This beautiful resin-bound driveway project has been supplied and carried out by JD Drivestyle LTD in Merstham.

First, we thoroughly cleaned the original concrete surface and fixed any uneven areas and holes. We fixed and extended the existing sleeper retaining wall on the right-hand side. The cobbled apron and border were in solid shape, so we merely power-cleaned them to give them a fresh look. Finally, we topped the fixed driveway with resin-bound chips and smoothed the surface down.

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