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Sloped Block Paved Driveway in Hastings

Town / Area: Hastings, UK
Type of work:
Block Paving Work

Preparation Summary:

Dug out and removed the area, Graded off the surface, Supplied and installed MOT Type 1 foundation, Supplied and installed membrane sheeting

Paving Installation

Supplied and installed a sand / grit base for laying paving, Laid the paving in a °90 degree herringbone pattern, The paving used was block paving, Machine vibrated and compacted the paving

Main Colour: Charcoal

Border Colour: Brindle

This sloped driveway has been installed by JD Drivestyle in Hastings using charcoal block paving laid in a 90° pattern with a contrasting brindle paved borderline.

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