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Tarmac Driveway with a New Step in Hythe, Kent

Town / Area: Hythe, UK
Type of work:
Tarmac and Asphalt Work
Tarmac Driveway with a New Step in Hythe, Kent

Preparation Summary:

Dug out and removed the area, Graded off the surface, Redesigned the layout of the area, Supplied and installed MOT Type 1 foundation, Installed new kerbing set in concrete

Tarmac / Asphalt Installation

Supplied and installed a block paving border set in concrete, Installed a new tarmac surface over the area, Set levels to direct surface water run off, Machine vibrated and power rolled to lock in place

JD Drivestyle LTD completed this tarmac job in Hythe, Kent.

Firstly we removed the old concrete panels and raised the gravel bed. We levelled off the area, laid a new type 1 MOT foundation, and compressed it. We installed new flat-top concrete kerbing, and a Charcoal block paved border around the perimeter. The outlined area was then filled with hot tarmac and machine-rolled down to a perfectly smooth finish.

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