Landscaping Services

Looking for a landscaping contractor in Kent? Well here at JD Drivestyle LTD we got you covered. Our team has spent many years in the art of designing decorative and beautiful landscapes.

We offer the lowest prices in the Kent region while offering the highest quality workmanship combined with customer service. We can help you maintain or redesign your existing garden area.


Are you thinking of extending your existing garden or are you looking to remove some lawn and replace it with another feature like an seating area. Maybe you are looking to install some new flower beds, move some trees, trim your overgrowth or add some decoration to your landscape, If the answer to any of the above is yes,  we are your contractor.

We can remove the existing lawn and put down a new one using only the finest roll on turf available on the market. Ensuring the new lawn is smooth, level and springy to walk on. Our team has experience in dealing with flowers, trees and with all types of shrubbery. So if you’re looking for advice on how best to get to grips with your landscaping in Kent, call JD Drivestyle now.

Previous Landscape Work in Kent

Don’t forget we offer a range of other garden service and driveway services that includes block paving Kent, tarmac, resin bond and more.